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RSS 19peerenboom

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I am 13 years old. And I can not safely reach the pedals. If I had to try to be able to see outside the window, and be able to reach the pedals easily. And even though people might say then if you can't reach it, don't drive. But do you think that is gonna stop people? No. If people have the power to do something why wouldn't you. Some people might stop driving, but others won't.

2 points

Another reason that the driving age should stay the same is because, parents can't bring around there kids everywhere. According to A.J. Rox in the article "Driving age should not be raised" Having to get driven around could get in the way of most important schooling in their life's. If they need to get extra help after school, and there parents work, they most likely will have to ride to get home. Another people such as Mr. Hermus and my parents would not like to drive around there children to social events.That is why I think social events gets in the way of kids having a social life.

3 points

I disagree. I think the driving age should stay the same. 75% percent of teenagers that are driving are getting in accidents, and if it were to be changed, it would for sure cause more accidents. I found my evidence at:

3 points

I believe the driving age should stay the same. One of my reasons is that it only delays death for a short period of time. According to A.J. Rox "Driving age should not be raised" most underage drinking starts at the age 18. So if the driving age where to be raised, to lets say 18, there will be a lot more accidents with drinking. According to Dr. Brett Stevenson your brain isn't even fully developed until your in your 20's. So if you raised it, it isn't making that much of a difference. Therefore the driving age should stay the same.

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Biographical Information
Name: Emma 
Gender: grrrl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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