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RSS 19cwalbrun

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1 point

The other problem with changing mascots is that it would cause more problems than it would solve. Many people would protest, because mascots have deep meanings to many communities. It really wouldn't be logical to change a mascot and name, which could cost thousands of dollars, just to satisfy a small group of people that may not have anything to do with the school at all.

1 point

Yes, but a lot of Native Americans or people who are represented by a mascot are happy, even honored by it.

1 point

Yes, but do you know why they left in the first place? Because they were forced to due to discrimination and war. The Palestinians were given a peaceful option, but they wanted war and started it all, so the Israelis retaliated and won.

1 point

Yes, but why do they need that specific land? They are backed up by plenty of nearby Arab countries. Why can't they just move there? Its almost just insensitive of what the Jews have gone through. Maybe they need somewhere to live too. The Palestinians aren't discriminated against NEARLY as much as the Jews are.

2 points

The Jews have been tortured, killed, discriminated, and shunned. They have been kicked out of so many places, that they deserve some land. When the U.N gave them land, they made sure that both states had equal land mass, and fair equality. But the Palestinians wanted war. They were offered peace and equality, but denied it, so the Israelis took action and decided to take over, winning wars.

1 point

They didn't necessarily get kicked out of their homes. They were just moved over a little bit so that everyone could have space. The Palestinians weren't using all of the land anyways, less than 50%. And the U.N granted them the land, so it was in the best interest of almost everyone that the Israelis got the land.

1 point

The U.N split the land equally between the two states, but the Palestinians thought that all of the land should be theirs, even though they were only using 47% of the land. And according to–Israeliconflict, In 2000, at Camp David, the Palestinians were offered a nominally independent state. Led by Yasser Arafat, the Palestinians rejected this offer. When U.S. President Bill Clinton and the Israelis asked the Palestinians to offer a counter-proposal, Arafat declined and returned to the West Bank.

1 point

Actually, they didn't. There never WAS a country. The land was just, well, land. It was called Palestine, but it was never actually a country. The Israelis came and developed their own country, unlike the Palestinians.

1 point

Even if the land wasn't given to them by God, after World War II, the newly formed U.N thought that the Jews should have a homeland, after being shut out and discriminated against by the rest of society, so they gave the Jewish people that land.

1 point

Also going off of the mascots being insensitive, I think that a lot of the people who's culture is represented by a mascot or name are fine with it. Such as the Florida State Seminoles. “Florida State University was allowed to keep the mascot of the seminoles because of the close relationship between the team and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.” The Seminole Tribe thought that the name honored them.

Source: n4372837.html

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