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1 point

Ok Juan there are no teams that have really RACIST names and there is a limit on how bad it is. Name one team that has a really racist name, and one that has ALWAYS been a problem not just now.

1 point

Yes but there are those who are offended and who would it hurt if they changed it? If anything it is makeing those who are offended happy. But on the other hand if the name has been thats schools name for a long time and nobody has made a problem untill now then whats the point to change? I see your point.

1 point

If they are'nt trying to insult people then they should'nt have a problem changeing the name because it is insluting people.

1 point

Derek says that the owner admires the name but that is A: Off of wickipedia. B: He is not an African American or Indian and C: Its just one man.

“It’s unacceptable in the 21st century, and I wish the owner of the Washington football team and the NFL would realize that,” said Brian Cladoosby, the chairman of Washington state’s Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Cladoosby is also the president of the National Congress of American Indians. “You wouldn’t come up to me and say, ‘Hey, Redskin, how you doing today?’"

1 point

Abel Cooper is a full blood Native American he taught his children to respect warriors because they are veterans of battle. So when he took his daughter to a High school football game and a cheerleader came running onto the field wearing a Native American headdress and buckskin clothing he said his daughter was on the verge of tears. "That girl doesn't know that every feather in that headdress would have been earned in battle. She wouldn't know that each one represents a life that was taken. She was making mockery of us." It is sad to say that so many people don't know that the headdress is honorary for example and like the Washington Redskins show an angry red skinned Indian. It shows a very negative stereotype and many of the Sioux tribe want it changed. But on the other hand the Florida Seminoles is strongly defended by many members of the surrounding tribes. The nickname the Indians has been a school mascot for 88 years in Mukwonago school district and has never been requested to be changed until now. But more often then not it is offensive like in Coachella Valley High school their name is the Arabs. It showed a Arabian man in a turban with a scimitar a big beard hooked nose and a gold tooth. The dispute has been going on for years but it has been more out because the way they are shown is offensive to peoples religion.

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