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RSS 19acurtin

Reward Points:8
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1 point

What is your claim? You didn't even state your claim. That's how invalid your argument was. Was that to lippy?

1 point

Wait wait woah woah woah you're first saying we should raise their driving age until their 21 then you said they can drive when they go to college. I'm pretty sure as soon as you get out of high school kids will want to go to college and get their degree before they turn 21 rather then sitting on their lazy butts and playing video games all day. Alex Curtin out.

6 points

What are you suggesting? Changing the age until they're 21? So they can just drink and drive. Also some kids want to go to college and how are they going to get their in the first place?

4 points

I disagree with you because if a parent was getting really sick they would know ahead of time that they're getting sick. You don't just wake up one morning and bam you're instantly sick. Even if that did happen you have friends and family who do it for you. Worst comes to worst you can go three weeks without food and I doubt they would be sick that long. If you're starving i'm pretty sure you can walk.

2 points

I believe the driving age should stay the same

because having them start driving when they're 18 they're not saving them from crashes they're just delaying the time they die. Stated by A.J. Rox

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