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1 point

I think that this statement is not very believable or true because we all know that some of them choose to wear it. WHY DO THEY CHOOSE TO WEAR IT????? Everybody knows that they wear it to support their religion, but what does it symbolize? "A Burqa is an outer garment worn by women in Islamic societies specifically to hide the face or body. It is usually worn when women leave their homes, or are around men unrelated to them. The burqa is seen as an expression of devoted faith in Islam."

This says that they wear it in Islamic societes to hide their face or body and that it is worn when women leave their homes, or are around men unrelated to them.. How would you like it if you had to wear that every day no matter what and you couldn't wear anything else? I would find it extremly frustrating.

Read more: What Does the Burqa Symbolize? |

1 point

Molly, although some women have the choice to wear it IN SOME AREAS, they don't in other areas, as Mr.Hermus said.

1 point

I disagree Sam. It is not that other countries don't like their religion, it is that they are worried about the women of the religion are being taken advantage of.

Supporting Evidence: Why France Banned The Burqa (
1 point

But, it still says "Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the faithful to draw their outergarments (jilbabs) close around themselves". It doesn't say that they need to completley cover themselves.

1 point

But it is probably just somebodys opinion. You should add the link so we can see who said it and if it is a true fact.

1 point

I strongly disagree with you because it is a small part of their religion and I don't think that you made a very good comparision with out religions because most of the other religions don't require women and anyone else to cover their entire bodies.

1 point

It is not showing who you truly are when your entire body is covered. Although it is part of their religion, it is still forced upon them in some areas.

1 point

I disagree because it is not God's law to wear the burqa. In the Quaron, it says that women should dress modestly. It says nothing about women wearing extremely confining clothing.

1 point

I agree because that is what makes a person a person and if everyone looks the same, it's like having a bunch of copies of one person.

1 point

I believe that Burqas are opressive to women because it takes away their ability to communicate effectivly considering that most of our communication is through facial expressions. Also, they can't be their own person, and show their individuality through their own choice of clothing.

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