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RSS Dboomer10

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1 point

No, actually they can't. That is what WE are arguing. Women out side of their country should be able to wear the burqa and not be prosecuted by fellow civilions, because the burqa means something to those who wear, no matter where they live.

You are saying that they can bring their beliefs with them, while at the same time you're arguing that wearing the burqa should be banned, therefore not allowing muslim women to keep their beliefs!!!

1 point

Not everyone actually needs to wear the burqa. We are just arguing the for those who do choose to wear the burqa, that they may be walking around this earth just like you and me. We must accept our differences in beliefs, and be respectful to all. Again, this only applys to the people who WANT to wear the burqa...

1 point

I thought that I said that but whatever. The world has so many problems with wars for exactly this reason. Noone can accept eachothers beliefs. I just dont think it is right for them to have to change their beliefs because others cant be flexible.

1 point

Exactly!! These women are treated horribly in their homeland. Now they have to travel the world looking for a nice life like most everyone else. Is it right for these people to have to change their beliefs just to fit in with everyone else??? Our side is not saying that everybody needs to wear them. We just ask that others around the world accept these peoples beliefs, and agree to disagree (peacefully). Not everyone needs to wear one.

1 point

NOOOO! We are debating WORLDWIDE here. These people wearing the burqa are doing this completely by choice. So yes the nuns are wearing them by choice, but so are these muslim women.

1 point

The Taliban has done so many cruel things to women in particular, and I cant blame them for going to another country. Do you guys really think that they need to change their beliefs and religion just to fit in with everyone else?

1 point

If the world is what we say we are, there should be no problems with their beliefs anad choices in general.

1 point

Adding on to this, many women these days feel used, or like a thing. When these women wear their burqa they feel like they're here for a good reason, and that they are important to this world.

1 point

America is supposed to be the land of the free, and if this is true, the people shouldnt have any problem with diverse beliefs. Yes I understand that this is a world wide situation. what I would say to that is: this is exactly why the world has so much violence and war, people just cant accept others differences.

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