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It might be a small part of their religion in your eyes but to them it could be a big part of their life.

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I found a website that is for a busineness that is actually in the United Arab Emirates(which is located in in Africa east of Saudi Arabia) that sells Burqas in different colors. So women can actually choose the colors they want and still be following their religous code.

Supporting Evidence: Beshtar in United Arab Emirates (
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It does state that they have to wear modest clothing and covering up there whole body is just a choice some women make. They are not required to wear the burqa.

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I think burqas are are religous tradition and if you banned them it would be like taking away the muslim religion. It would be like someone taking away your religion and your traditions. It is taking away your religous freedom. Women shouldnt be forced to wear them but they also shouldnt be banned.

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