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RSS 22rkleiman

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1 point

Allah even if it resembles Judaism is not the same God to them. Also, there is no evidence that god gave them the land. It is only a verse in the Bible.

1 point

That is irrelevant. God and Allah are two totally different characters of religions so Allah is not basically God as well. Even though they share a lot of beliefs, it does not mean that they're religion shares the same God or the same bible. So why should they listen to a different religions god when they have their own that they already believe in? Also, they do not share the same holy book so that verse isn't in their Qu'ran.

-1 points

Just because they worked for the land does not mean that they deserve it. The U.N gave the Jewish people the land because of their harsh history, but when they came over to their new territory they did the exact same thing that they were trying to prevent. Palestinians were driven from their land by force and forced to live in refugee camps in neighboring Arabic countries, living in poor conditions, and drove families out of their homes. The reason why this shows they should get the land is that the reason the Israelis were given half of the land was because of their bad history, yet they just did the same thing to the Palestinians. There would not have had to be a fight if it was not for the way the Israelis used their new power to force the Palestinians out of their homeland.

3 points

By them always living on the land gives them a rightful claim because they have been there before the Israelis, so it has always been their land. It was even called Palestine because of them. The reason why it matters that they left in big groups is that even when Palestine went through bad times, they did not dessert the land in big numbers like the Israelis did.

2 points

The Palestinians are Muslims so to them, God is no authority at all. They worship the Allah and follow him so since their religion does not follow the same god technically the point "God gave the Israelis the land" is irrelevant.

3 points

The claim the God gave the Israelis the land does not prove a valid point to Palestinians. Palestinians are Muslim and they follow the Islamic religion. They worship Allah, not God, so it is irrelevant to them whether the Jewish god gave them the land or not.

3 points

The land that The U.N gave was not theirs to give because they did not originally own it. Even though the U.N consists of several different Nations and their goal is to prevent conflict, it does not give them the right to take the land away. The Palestinians have owned that land before the U.N was even a thing. The U.N was created on October 24th 1945 and Palestinians who originally owned the land of Palestine dates back to the beginning of Israels recorded history. So therefore it was not their land to give.

1 point

The Palestinians deserve the land because they have ALWAYS lived on the land.They never left in big numbers like the Israelis, and have been living on the land since the beginning of history. Israel was actually formally called Palestine which gives the Palestinians their name because that is their place of origin. Why this shows that they have a rightful claim is because they never left the land, and the Jewish people did. The Palestinians also lived on the land long before the Israelis did, and continued living on the land long after they left.

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