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RSS 22molson

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They did not win the land in war. They were given the land by the United Nations. Which is also not fair because why were they give land and no one else was given land. A lot of other places and religions could use more land. But then instead have to fight for their lives. And end up dying out. And there are a lot of people who have to die for nothing.

2 points

Even though the Jewish people have been through a lot what you don't know is that they could have always left. If God really did give them the land. They don't need to stay there. It isn't like they are being told by God that they need to stay upon that land, or something bad is going to happen. NO!! They could have left, they can go anywhere else. A lot of people are saying that the Jews have been bullied for a long time. Well yes, they have, but they didn't have to stay. They could have left and gone anywhere else. If they wanted to they could go and take over anyone else and get some more land. Or they can find a new place in the world. They could have gone to the United States we are very excepting.

2 points

This is not true because at one point in time they had left the land of Isrtael and ended up coming back. Thinking that when they leave they are going to get the land right back.

2 points

And just because someone gives you something doesn't mean that they have to be greedy and act like children and keep it all to themselves. There are a lot of different places that can handle having more than one religion in an area.

1 point

Just because God gave them the land doesn't mean that they can always have it.

Also, why should they have it if they are going to leave?

2 points

Why would they have to claim it, fi they are on it then they should have it!!!!!

1 point

Yeah, but the Palestinians also worked on the land. Both of them put a lot of work in the land. But that isn;t right for the Jewish people to not let the Palestinians have any of the lands. Because then they were working for nothing.

3 points

Just because they give it to them doesn't mean that they can have it forever. And if they are going to leave the land for a little bit why would they think that no one is going to try to take it again. And why is it okay for them to leave. And then come back and take the whole place back again.

0 points

That doesn't really show why through because they still could have been there. And you might not have known.

4 points

I don't think that this is fair. Because they might have been struggling at one time. But now they are able to go on with their lives and live a normal life. And this should be overruled and if someone wants to take this land over they should be able to. It would be even and fair. And just because the United Nations gave them the land doesn't mean they should be able to always have it.

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