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Why did they leave, can you tell me that? Were we forced out again?

“Palestine was holy to Muslims because the Prophet Muhammad had designated Jerusalem as the first qibla (the directions Muslims face when praying) and because he was believed to have ascended on a night journey to heaven from the area of Solomon’s temple, where the Dome of the Rock was later built. Jerusalem became the third holiest city of Islam” (Encarta Online Encyclopedia, 2002, “Palestine,” p. 4). So it is also a holy place for them too, not just the Jews.

Turning back the clock to the two and a half decades leading up to the establishment of the Israeli nation, the land of Palestine (Isreal) was under the control of the British. For political reasons, the British promised a Palestinian homeland both to resident Arabs and to Jewish immigrants. The Arabs had helped the British overthrow the Ottoman Turks and were promised control of their land in return for their allegiance. So, the Palestinian Arabs could rightly claim ownership of land in which many of them had lived.

The Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 and ruled it until 1099 when the Crusaders conquered it. The Crusaders killed or expelled Jews and Muslims from the city. The Muslims under Saladin took it back in 1187 CE and allowed Jews to return, and Muslims ruled it until the end of World War I, or all together for about 1192 years.

You're telling me that the Jews can have the land because of the religion, but the truth of the matter is that Palestinians have a government before the Jews came and took the land, do the Jews have their owned government?

Yes I do know who they were and the Jews might be just as bad, and the U.N has a lot of power too, the Jews just go ahead and break those laws too, they might be just as bad as the Nazis, kicking people out of their homes!

And the U.N is supposed to help people, and the Jews disobeyed what the U.N had given them, they started wars that the Palestinians never wanted to have, maybe if the Jews just talked to them about land then they could have a deal and this problem would be solved.

3 points

Arab Muslims (Palestinians) have always lived on the land. They never left in great numbers like the Jewish people. There is no time in the area's history that they have not lived there. The people have lived on the land since whenever the Israelis left and just left the land open, the land and what Abraham said that does not affect them because that is not there religion.

4 points

Palestine (Israel) is a holy place for Muslims as well. Throughout their history, this land has been important to the Muslim faith. Especially the city of Jerusalem. We have just as much a religious right as they do just because their religion said that they own the land does not make it true for the other religions and we also have religious sites and things that are there that are also with our Religion.

4 points

But aren't they (U.N) suppose to help the world with problems, they just sent a bunch of people homeless and without land. The Jews were fine until world war 2, they lived in homes all around the world and they were fine, so what's the big deal now? All the Palestinians had was that land and there homes there.

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