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RSS Autumnsunset

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I don't think that it is fair to say that most women want to wear the burqa. Sure, some may, but it is blind to assume that all do. Not all women can want to become a nonentity. And even if you took an anonymous survey, a women being threatened will not answer truthfully. If the men in her life are threatening her, she is not very likely to tell the truth. There is no way to give an accurate count. You can have no Idea who is telling the truth or not. The woman in the video could have been threatened by her husband to make that statement. I am not saying that it is certain she was, but you don't know that she was entirely truthful.

Your side is not arguing that the world needs to accept the Burqa. If that is what we were arguing, I don't really think there would even be an argument. I agree with that. However, we are arguing on wether the Burqa is religious freedom, or Opression to women.It is completely unfair that women have to wear this veil. There are places in this world that haven't changed. There are places where women are little more than objects, because they have no features, or personality in this curtain around them. They cannot be themselves, and they cannot be free. Even nowadays, they are not considered even close to as good as men. In these countries they are forced to cover because they are oppressed.

Their are not many different colors and types. There may be blue and green, but that is hardly individuality. Yes, there may be some that WANT to wear it as a sign of humility, but what is humble about something that does not allow other people to see the color of your eyes, the size of your smile. They can't see what kind of person you are. It takes away from your potential.

Of course they can if they want to. I'm just saying that I don't think that it is a good thing for them to wear. Yes, if they want to they are welcome to wear whatever they want. I am not saying that the Burqas should be banned. What France did was completely wrong. I'm just saying that forcing a woman to cover so that she becomes less than a person is wrong. I am almost sure that it would not be in the will of God for the women to be forced to hide inside this prison.

No, women everywhere do not have a choice. In The book the breadwinner, they are beaten if they don't have their burqa's. That is not exactly having a choice. They HAVE to wear it, wether or not they want to. That is not fair, or right. In america, everyone has choice as to what they want to do, or wear, or say. I think that those ideas should be carried on into other countries too. As people, those women should not have to cover up purely because the men in Afghanistan don't want them to be free.

I don't think that anyone except France is saying that we need to require them to wear it or not wear it. Nuns also do not get beaten if they don't wear their clothing; Muslim women should not. IF they want to cover themselves they can. I just don't think it's right. I think they should not just have to quietly sit and endure this oppression. They are people, not just walking blobs of fabric.

That does not really support the claim that the burqa is purely a thing of religion. It is part of a certain religion, not religions all over the world. Also you say it is taking away the freedom of the women to wear what they want. Well, do you think that most women want to live inside a hot black cloth? Some may like the anonimity it provides, but the women who cannot go outside without wearing it surely must not be thrilled to be unable to wear their own clothing. Men do not have to cover. It is purely a sign of old fashioned ideas. Such as women belonging to their husbands. Women cannot go outside without their husbands. Women are not allowed to wear clothing that they weant to. They "Cannot be looked at by other men" But in this robe, they also are not people. They are possesions.

I am not saying that their choice should be taken away. I think that what France did was completely wrong. They fought against the lack of freedom, by taking away even more freedom. If women feel safe in them, than it is just something they chose to wear. But in Afghanistan where many women are forced to wear them, that is oppression in it's purest form. They cannot do anything to fight for their freedom.

Religious FREEDOM? This is not exactly being free, when you cannot walk the streets of your home without being attacked for not wearing one. In America it is supposed to be the land of the free. If women are not allowed to be free because their husbands are forcing them to wear this burqa. They are not able to be free. Yes, people in america often have the choice, but if the women themselves are not happy wearing these walking prisons, then why should we not be unhappy about it?

But they can tell if you are a woman. Men do not have to degrade themselves by having no identity. These things, are part of who you are. If you are just another person hiding in the fabric, then you cannot be just another person.

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