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1 point

The only way to become a better driver is to practice, and study the rules of the road. If you are committed to these things you should be granted the right to drive. If at any point, this licensed teen driver fails to follow the law, a license suspension can be enforced, guaranteeing safe roads.

2 points

If you can prove that you are a safe driver, you should be granted the right to exercise your abilities on the road. It is obvious that not all teens are ready to drive at 14, which is why a more demanding test would separate those who are ready, from those who are not. It would make life a lot easier for parents, as well as teach responsibility to teens all across the US.

0 points

ALL OF MY SOURCES FOR DEBATE.ORG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 points

In many states you can get a drivers permit at around the age of 15, some states as go as young as 14. Those drivers have to log over 30 hours of driving time with a parent before receiving their full license. Lots of people around the country think that as long as you can get the hours in, and pass the test, you should be able to get your license at any age. One of the biggest reasons drivers get into accidents is because even though they’ve passed the test, their still inexperienced. So, why not just make younger people going for their license practice for longer, and if they pass the test, that proves that they’re just as same at the 16 year olds.

0 points

Driving is a thing we do on a daily basis. On a yearly average there are 25,000 fatal car accidents every year, and only 14% of those accidents include a teen driver. The main cause of those accidents is the experience that teen drivers lack. Most states require about 50 hours of driving before you can get your license and you still have to pass the exam, but if the driving age is lowered we could raise the requirements.

1 point

We need to change the driving age! Why shouldn't it be lowered. Teenagers are more prone to crash but it doesn't mean that all teenagers are. Teen drivers aren't the only problem, what about all the intoxicated drivers and drugged drivers out there. Why not start paying more attention to them as well. It isn't the age that matters, I believe its the experience that counts.

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