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President Clarified
1 point

Once a person is an adult, it is their decision to act stupid. Many smart kids are on the road, just the 15-17 range has been affected in the most fatalities in that period, Representative John D’Amico

1 point

this A J Rox stuff is mentioned over and over again. If you want to win a debate use knew stuff not stuff already mentioned.

2 points

On Dec. 29, 2005, four teenage boys from Chicago went out for a drive late at night and had a terrible accident. The driver of car, spun and banged the car into a pole. Two of the boy- 16 and 17 years old- were dead. The driver, only 16 years old. Story provided by Representative John D’Amico. This shows the irresponsible acts of those kids. For all those kids out their 15-17 be careful.

-1 points

You say that they should get their drivers license when they are 16, right? Well, I disagree with your earlier comment. Once they are going off to collage they can drive, but when they are in high school and below they can always walk or ride bike. That is what I do. Therefore many students just can walk or ride bike and if they are to far from the school they probably are provided a bus to ride. This Ivan Rindfleisch out.

2 points

Going from before having the driving age changed or gone up because their will be more people with more developed brains and more focused on driving rather than hanging with friends.John M. Crisp, Scripps Howard News Service

1 point

There is no Ethos or Logos. You need more facts to support your evidence.

-1 points

Many drivers in the range 15-17 have been involved in accidents, 30,917 of them, from the years 1995-2004 as said by Representative John D’Amico. Their brains just are not developed until they are in their early 20's. This is why many 15-17 years old just are not ready to drive on the roads as said by John M. Crisp, Scripps Howard News Service.

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