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RSS ChirstianK24

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1 point

More accidents will happen by older people than younger. When your younger you will not want to screw up and keep your eye on the road!

1 point

Emma although you may think that with that fact it all depends on the child. There are kids out there who really keep there eye on the road! If we had more children like that then there wouldn't be so many accidents

-1 points

Ryan although you may think that my mom goes over the speed limit all the time and she is 32. When you get so old you go under the speed limit which causes the same amount of accidents!

2 points

Grace you may say that some 14 year old childeren are to small to reach the pedals so they should just add something to have them reach it or just have them move the seat up!

2 points

“Look I'm fourteen and I know how to drive a truck, suv, and van as well as my father's for wheeler. I have never crashed or messed up. It's not the age that is the problem but the experience for there are some teenagers that don't know how to drive. Hello my sister is sixteen and doesn't even know how!! Also its the technology that is also the problem, everyone has a phone in my family except for me. My sister is on her phone all the time. It is hard for her to learn to drive for she is always distracted where it is easy for me for I am not. There are even adults who don't know how to drive so don't say the driving age should be raised for it is no the age but the experience.” Says a young boy on

1 point

More accidents happen from a drunk 21 yr. old then a sixteen year old. When You are younger you feel like you don't want to screw up or the whole world will look down on you. When you get older you don't care anymore

1 point

I think that 13 year old should be able to drive. I am a responsible 14 year old and just because others MIGHT do badly doesn't mean we all would. My mom has a really bad sprain can barely drive, but if i was able to i could have driven her where she needed to go.

3 points

Going back to what 19brodgers said although they may just be delaying the time I think it should be changed to younger. Then you wouldn't have to keep taking your parents money and, making them pay off all the gas. You could get a job and start paying your parents rent. They have taking cared of you for 14 yrs.

0 points

I think that the driving age should be lowered because if your parents get very sick then how will you ever get your food?

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