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RSS 22jshea

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1 point

If Israelis wanted to stay on their own land then why were they gone from 135 C.E to 1948 C.E. that is 1,813 difference that is a long time for them to come back home but in that time someone else came and there was no one to fight for the land so they thought that it was uninhabited so they took it over. They then have been there since.

1 point

God did promise the land to Abraham who founded Judaism and created Israel, but the Israelis left their own land and never returned until now thousands of years later. It’s sort of like the saying ‘Move your feet lose your seat’ but instead of a seat, you lose it is your homeland. If you have something then you shouldn't leave it for about at least 12,000 years that is an awful lot of time to come back to your homeland no wonder some was there when they came back.

2 points

Arab Muslims (Palestinians) have always lived on the land. They never left in great numbers like the Jewish people. There is no time in the history of the era that they have not lived there. If there is no piece of history that says that the Israelis lived in Israel then there is no proof that they were there first. The Palestinians did not leave the land and the no one was there to say that this land belonged to the Israelis.

The origin of some of the earliest known civilizations is traced back in the Middle East where the land of Palestine comprised of a human habitation existing even before the biblical times.

2 points

“Palestinians should have their own country as well. Why do the Jews get a homeland on what is our land, and we have not homeland.” Since the Jews so badly think the land is rightfully theirs but the Palestinians don’t want to give it up then they should come to a compromise and split the land in two and both Palestinians and Israelis have their own country.

Here is a picture of Israel from 1946 to 2000 andpalestine_0

4 points

The Jewish people left and came back forcefully. They also made Palestinians leave their homes and flee to refugee camps in neighboring Arab countries. Not only did the Israelis leave thousands of years ago now they expected the new owners to give back their land after being gone so long. They are not even asking they are taking over the land like an invasion forcing those who used to be on the land go to refugee camps, or be homeless.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) has presented the United Nations with its findings and demanded an inquiry, saying Israel targeted Palestinians by demolishing homes, revoking residency and eroding the quality of life.

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