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RSS 19ptassoul

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1 point

The U.N had no right to give the land to them in the first place. Also the Israelies were the main reason the wars started. If the Jews had "no other land" where did they go when they left the land open for the Palestinians?

1 point

When they get kicked out of places, they always seem to have somewhere else to go. If they didn't have any more land they wouldn't be able to go places. Also, it doesn't matter what has happened to them in the past. People wanted to give them the land, but yet just a few minutes ago they were discriminating against them. The people are unstable with their thoughts and aren't very reliable. Besides, it wasn't the people's place to give them land when people were already there.

0 points

Where is your evidence for this? This did not happen. The Israelies came back forcefully and upset that the Palestinians took the land while the Israelies left. The Israelies are a big part of why the wars started.

2 points

I think that the Palestinians deserve the land because it wasn't a country for Israel to claim at the time, Israel left the land free for the Palestinians to take, and Israel caused too many problems trying to get the land back, such as more wars. The way Israel is trying to solve things isn't fair, which is they way Israel wants to be. In many cases Israelies are being hypocrits.

1 point

There should have been no war in the first place. When the Israelies came back from leaving and the Palestinians were there, they told them they would fight for it. Yes, they won, but should there really have been a war in the first place? And this is right after World War 2. Why would they want to start more war?

1 point

So why were people kicked out of their homes if they could have just taken the space that was used? Mason has stated in previous comments that the number of Palestinian people dropped by two percent. There was no reason to kick people out of their homes if there was space.

2 points

It doesn't matter that it only dropped 2%. It dropped. We are talking equality here and it doens't give them the right to get people kicked out of their land because of what they have gone through. Also, the numbers dropped much more after the Israelies knew they could partly countrol the Palestinians.

1 point

Exactly! It was never a country to claim! The Israelies never claimed it! Even if they did, they wouldn't have left their country if they wanted it.

1 point

I agree with Eli. Just because people feel bad for the people that left their own land unclaimed, doesn't mean they should get the land. If we are talking about fairness here, kicking people out of their homes surely isn't the way to solve this.

0 points

Then where did the Israelies go when they left the land unclaimed? If they only had one land they wouldn't have had anywhere else to go when they left. In your previous comments, you have also stated that the Palestinians religions do not give them land. Now you are stating they have 11.

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