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RSS 19mmullard

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19mmullard(1) Clarified
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3 points

You are able to choose if you are ready at the age of 16 to drive. Not everyone is ready and mature enough to take that responsibility but most people are. Changing the driving age would mark everyone the same even if they are ready or not.

3 points

Even though your brain isn't fully developed at 16 and is more developed at 18, your brain is not fully developed until your early 20’s from the article "Driving Age Should Not Be Raised". Changing the driving age to 18 would not change risky behaviors practiced by teenagers. ChristianK24 as you mature you think about your actions more seriously and realize how your actions can affect your future, as well as other's futures.

4 points

I believe that the driving age should stay the same at 16. I believe the driving age should this for three reasons. People are busy according to the article "Driving Age Should Not Be Raised", most kids and adults have committed to many different activities and many parents have to take more than one of the children to each activity. Also most kids start to work at the age of sixteen and are able to get their by driving, if kids won’t be able to drive kids will not get as many jobs, and won't be able to participate in as many activities. Raising the driving limit will not decrease deaths from crashes according to the "Article Driving Age Should Not Be Raised", going of of 19brodgers driving is based on experience and being able to make good choices. When 16 year olds crash it is usually because of inexperience raising the age limit to say 18 will not change the reason of crashing most of the time, it will stay about the same. If we raise the driving limit to 18 the death rate will increase about as much as it would if we kept the driving limit 16. Changing the driving age would punish everyone according to the article "Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18", If your neighbor robs a bank should you go to jail? (NO), if your classmate gets into an accident should you get your license taken away? (NO). Raising the driving age will punish all young drivers for the mistakes other people have made. Many people think teens driving is dangerous before many of them get to prove themselves, teens birthday matters on which you are more dangerous or less dangerous why is that? Studies show that inexperience, not age, that causes accidents. I strongly believe that the driving age should stay the same at 16 because people are busy, Raising the driving limit will not decrease deaths from crashing, and lastly changing the driving age would punish everyone.

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