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RSS 19ktyynismaa

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2 points

So does that mean that you should take the driving age of 16 away for all of us?

2 points

There are other family members or anyone else, you are just putting yourself in danger because of how young we are we are not fully developed in strength. Can't your sister just go and do it since she is 16 and legal to drive?

2 points

What's the point in changing the age when no matter what bad things are going to happen even when someone is 48 years old?! So now are you going to change he age to 50? “If your neighbor robs a bank, should you go to jail? No. If your classmate gets into an accident, should you get your driver’s license taken away? Of course not. Neither situation is fair.” says the article "Driving Age Should Not Be Raised." Why should we get the age raised for something someone that may be 48 did?!

4 points

Do you want to put MORE kids in danger??!! I didn't think so. When you raise the driving age the death rate will just increase! The article, "Driving Age Should Not Be Raised" clearly states that if you change the driving age, "This means that the death rate of 18 year olds will increase, while the death of 16-year-old death rate; will increase. We are not helping the cause by raising the driving age we are just delaying the time they will die." It also says that, "Studies also show that risky behavior affects 16-17 year old males just as much as in their early 20’s... If 16-17 year olds don't go on dates until they are 18, they will start to date a lot in college. This could get in the way of the most important schooling of their lives.”

"Also most kids start working when they are about 16, how are they supposed to get to work?" is a very good reason that, "Driving Age Should Not Be Raised," it said. “Kids will not get many jobs, and, this could lead to less fast food restaurants, and kids not learning how to work hard. This will affect America for the worse.” They aren't wrong kids need to start work at a younger age to increase responsibility and learn the meaning of a dollar bill.

I have a question for you. "If your neighbor robs a bank, should you go to jail? No. If your classmate gets into an accident, should you get your driver’s license taken away? Of course not. Neither situation is fair.” What this is saying is that it's not our fault or the laws for the reckless driving of some teens. And if they push it to far they should get the consequence not ALL of us. "Raising the driving age will punish all young drivers for the mistakes of a few of their peers," says the article, "Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18?"

For the mistakes of a couple young teens we don't all need to get punished for it. And not letting young kids get to the places they need? Not cool. And last, do you want the death rate to increase? Don't change the driving age for everyone if some people didn't do anything.

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