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RSS 19kschroeder

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Yes, but the Israeli's tried to give the Palestinians some land back but they were too greedy to share and the Palestinians wanted it all for themselves and so technically that is NOT what the Palestinians wanted, and they think that the land only belongs to them.

Yes mason, I agree because they could have just settled with their half but they had to greedy and want more which just caused them to get less land, it was the Palestinians own fault that they are in position they are now...

Did they go through a holocaust and get killed because of their religion?? No, the Palestinians sat there and had all their family alive. They do have land, the Israeli's gave them land after the war but they were still to greedy and they want it all or nothing, they seriously need to learn how to share. The Israeli's were kicked out a long time ago when they first left, an overthrow of government and the same thing is happening now, but your saying they are getting kicked out?? NO!

They didn't leave the land they were overthrown by a new change in government. The Palestinians were there yes, but they have never claimed the land in all the time that they were there, Israel was given land after the holocaust, they did not kick them out, the Palestinians were not happy with their gracious share of land and went to war with Israel and they lost fair and square.

2 points

They didn't take the land the U.N. gave it to them and the Palestinians were too greedy to share and let the Israeli's live there too. Also the Palestinians did not take the land that the Israeli's offered them after they won the war that the Palestinians started and lost. So they got nothing because they wanted all of the land, obviously they have never heard the phrase "you get what you get and you do not throw a fit," the Jews had no homeland and were given some after the holocaust, and Eli, I don't think that Wisconsin has been through a holocaust so we have no idea what they went through.

2 points

But they still have other places to go to besides Jerusalem and the land is also very important to Israel, why don't the Israeli's get recognized for their religious beliefs that take place in Jerusalem??

And even if they play the "we were there first" card, that doesn't matter, because the Israeli's came first and they actually claimed the land whereas the Palestinians didn't legally claim the land they were just there.

2 points

Yes, Muslims have other places to go and the Israeli's do not they had no homeland and the Nazis already have taken Jewish lives so the least the U.N. Could do is give them some land but the Palestinians were so greedy that they couldn't share the land.

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