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RSS 19gvanroy

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1 point

Christian, are you talking about not only changing the driving age to 14, but also adding extra long pedals to cars?! Imagine how many car manufacturers would have to change the model of their car just for the length of the pedals. According to ( only 25% of 14 year olds have jobs, so where would they get their money to buy a car? You might say, well, borrow your parents car, but i know plenty of parents that would not want a irresponsible 14 year old driving their car around town, just begging for an accident to occur.

3 points

Yes Ryan, 16 year old drivers have the most accidents of all age groups. But what do you expect? When you first learned to walk, i'm sure you fell a lot. But now, you don't fall anymore. Why is that? Because you now have experience with walking. Same with driving, the "toddlers" of the drivers are of course the 16 year old's. Accidents happen to everyone and especially the un-experienced drivers.

1 point

Christian. Some 14 year olds cannot reach the pedals. That would not work for the shorter kids.

3 points

Parents don't have time to chauffeur their kids around town. Teens have dates, jobs, school, dances, and just spending time with friends to do. “Its inconvenient for me as a parent to drive my kids around, at 16, they are already almost adults, and they should be able to handle the responsibility of driving themselves around.” (Mr. Hermus, Parent of 3)

4 points

Zack, You didn't even spell developed right. Why should we listen to you? So what if 17 year old's brains are more developed, that shouldn't change the amount of deaths! If anything, it would just save more 16 year olds and kill more 17 year olds. Plus, most adults start drinking at age 18 or so, this could cause more cases of drunk driving. (A. J. Rox)

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Name: Grace 
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Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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