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RSS 17tblom

Reward Points:10
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

i think that no matter what anyone is saying i think that they should have choise eoither way!

1 point

if anyone is notising anything there is very very few people that really have a good thing to say about what they wear and even if somewon finaly convinces the goverment to make a law to band them the people that wear them care about there realigoun so much i think they will still wear them even if the law is saying tha tthey cant.

1 point

it dose not mater who made them whast maters is who folowed quickley somwon made school now i dont know one country that the kids dont go to school.

1 point

i dont understand why people are against it in the first place cause from what i'v seen the men dont have one little problem with it then go cry about it! cause for thoughs who say they shouldent cause men think its alot of times pretty and there are very few that have a problem with it.

1 point

i dont think we should juge anything about them cause if somwon in any place was wearing one and somwon told the mto take it off and the other person said it was for there realigoun that that person would say ok not no you cant wear it

1 point

there may be things that other people in the past said from famous people but they only reason people listen to them is cause they are in the high power but i bet if i was i a croud with lots of poeple and i said that nowon would take any sort of thinking of that they only remember that is cause there in a hight power

1 point

i agree with mhank cause if they want to feel closer to god then y dont you just let them its there choice its not cause its for a bad reason its cause they think they should be as free as possible

1 point

if you dident think thay you have dignity then what would you do with yourself? i know that i would just sit at home and not do much cause i would feel that i was turning back on my rights well thats what they are feeling right now!

1 point

i agree with jsanders cause nobody had any problem with wearing one till about ! mounth ago so it not fair for them there country should be free!

1 point

and in every way they have all right to wear whatever they want to its just there realigon so just let them there contry should be just as free as ours and on every site you go on the people that so they should be able to have far more facts and far more better reasons and the best one i saw that ses they should not is "they should not wear them cause they are stupid".

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