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RSS 17nkrueger

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1 point

women who wear the burqa do say its a good discussion starter.

1 point

no the burqa only covers your looks it dosent cover who you really are which is your personallity your view on life you cant say it covers who you are when its only your looks.

1 point

many american citizens accept people and defend them from people who say mean comments that are just judging people. like in the video yesterday the women said that someone asked her if her husband abbuses her. second of all someone said that she was a terrorist because of her burqa. thats not fair because your not giving them a chance to show that the burqa is just their clothing that they wear. the women lives in america where it is free and she still stays with her culture and wears the burqa.

1 point

yeah if you changed the color of the burqa and got to choose what color you wanted then nobody can complain because they get the color they want and still get to keep their religeous beliefs.

1 point

but it said in the video charlie yesterday that people want to wear it in respect because thats their religous belief. in the video yesterday it wasnt that people didnt want to wear the burqa actually people were mad that they were taking it away

1 point

i agree because people decide to wear them. yeah maybe not everybody wants to wear them but a lot of people do though. i dont think france and western countries should ban them like you said

1 point

but they decide to wear the burqa if they dont like wearing it move out of the country.

1 point

women have grown so use to wearing burkas that its normal to them to be just wearing them every where. people should respect their religeon because thats what they like wearing and what they believe in. even in the video yesterday the women even said they wanted to wear them and that they werent being forced to wear them.

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