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RSS 17mbuss

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1 point

With all of these countries trying to take away the burqa it is like trying to take away wearing your favorite color or not letting you eat your favorite food. That is how they feel when they try to take away something that they enjoy wearing and that they have always worn.

1 point

Only 0.003% is wearing a burqa so i dont understand why they are trying to ban it. Even if 75% of the people were wearing a burqa they shouldnt take away their freedom.

2 points

The taliban did make them but after the taliban wasnt in power women continued to wear it. It is a tradition that they have always done. They beleive it brings them closer to god so it doesnt matter if the taliban made them or not.

1 point

The french banned the burqa because they think that it takes away from the idenification of a person. The people that wear them dont think that becasue they think that it takes away from their identity if they dont wear it. As far back as anyone remembers the people have been wearing it and they dont want to just change now.

1 point

I agree very much because it says that they should not put there beauty on dispaly. They are very religious people and they go by what the Koran says. The Koran says that they should remained covered so that is what they do.

1 point

You say that but to them what they are doing is right. In the Koran it says they should stay covered so that is what they do. They have always been doing it so they want to keep doing it because that is what they are used to.

1 point

But in the Koran it does say that women should not dress modestly so that means that they should stay covered up. Like you said they want to wear it and they feel it brings them closer to god so no one should have a problem with it.

1 point

Well in the other video we watched the women said that if she didnt wear it it defeats her individual freedom and choice. They wear it because they have always been wearing them and no one has cared until now.

1 point

Women should be able to wear burqas wherever whenever because they have been wearing them forever. Even in the Koran it states that women should not dress modestly. They wear it because they feel it gets them closer to god. ITs a part of who they are and who they have alwasy been.

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