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RSS 17ebeen

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1 point

Men also must follow rules. They must cover themselves in themselves in this religion too. They're rules just arent as strict because, as you know, usually people take advantage of women for their bodies more than men.

1 point

THEY ARE ABSOLUTLY NOT POSSESSIONS! The burqa is not a symbol of belonging to their husbands. Many husbands have nothing to do with a women's choice to wear the burqa. The women also don't have to wear the burqa in front of their husband, family, brothers, father or other muslim women. They only wear it to protect themselves from rude, prying eyes and men who do not respect women and only wish to own them. Their husbands, on the other hand, must learn to love the women behind the clothing and not define her by her cloth. Many feel that wearing the garment is their duty to God as well.

1 point

Well have you ever gotten bullied just cuz your a girl? I don't think so. Most of the women who wear the garment do not feel that it is degrading. Plus, if you think about it, women are always the ones used in advertisement and such for their bodies. Men, not so much. So men don't really need to cover up like women do. And the women are not hiding in the fabric. Think of it as a sheild from unfriendly eyes. Nobody can judge you if they can't see anything but the length of cloth around you.

1 point

Not most these days. It is a part of their religion just like the nuns and yes nuns have more freedom with it for the most part and why is that? because nuns have not been abused like the muslim women. Most muslim choose to wear the burqa anyway because it is a part of them and their lives.

1 point

It is freedom for most! their burqa's bring them closer to God, as they feel.Their burqas are a part of their religion and have been for a long time. This is what they feel is normal! What if you wore, say, a cross for your religion, and then someone came up and told you you cant wear it anymore. That is not freedom for you.

1 point

Exactly. The French think they are giving the women their rights back, but they are really taking them away. They are taking away the right to practice whatever religion is whatever way and their right to wear what they choose.

1 point

The burqa, for many muslim women, is part of their identity. It doesn't take anything away from them when they choose to wear it. It is their choice to wear it in most cases, so isn't that their choice? Most women these days who do wear a burqa are choosing to do so, and you are actually taking away their rights by not letting them wear what they want.

1 point

Nuns wear full body and head covering for religion, so why is nobody making them take it off? Why just require the muslim women not to cover themselves?

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