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17bprotogere Clarified
1 point

people think the burqa is a dress code, but its not, lately there has been a rise in women, very few women want to wear the burqa, but its a religious item, like the cross for us, the cross is our religious item and we all obey it, we should do the same to the burqa, think of the burqa as a islamic cross, obey, and worship it.

1 point

The Islamic world is experiencing a rise in women wearing the Burqa claiming it to be part of the Islamic dress code. Whether it is worn by choice or force is open to debate as very few women are able to, or prefer not to voice an opinion on the matter. Those who have, generally argue against the compulsory (by law as in Afghanistan) wearing of this garment with a minority claiming the right to wear it citing Quranic and Prophetic instruction.

A Burqa is an outer garment worn by women in Islamic societies for the purpose of concealing their bodies and/or face. It is mostly worn when a woman leaves her home and is compelled to wear it until she returns.

The Burqa is worn throughout Middle Eastern nations and most Muslim nations around the world, with a few liberal or democratic governments being less strict about its use. One such famous example is Turkey, where secular ideas prevail and give people the freedom to choose. Meanwhile, in stricter nations, women are forced to wear the Burqa; failure to do so can result in beatings, harassment or worse. Obviously a woman wears a Burqa but more specifically, conservative practicing Muslims wear it. Girls are not mandated to wear a Burqa until she reaches puberty but this notion is not practiced, as girls as young as six are made to wear the Burqa to physically and mentally prepare them for adult life.

Burqa falls under the category of Hijab. This is an Arabic word which means to veil or cover and refers to a woman’s head and body covering. In Saudi Arabia, women wear a loose robe called abaya and a face veil called niqab, while in nations like Tunisia or Turkey; Muslim women tend to wear only a headscarf. In Iran, they take a step further and the “fashion police” mandate all women to wear loose clothing – preferably a black or white robe – when going out, women are also supposed to wear either a full face veil or scarf. One of the extremes of Burqa is the Afghan Burqa, which was enforced by the Taliban. This burqa covers the entire body in loose clothing with the face (including eyes) being covered with only a grille for the women to look through.

1 point

i think the burqa is a great religious item and people think its a bad thing or if a women is grocery shopping some people might say they are stealing or they have a bomb or something like that, but it is a religious item that shows there inside not how they look, but how they are on the inside.

1 point

it doesent say that they have to wear a burqa in the koran, but it does say they should be midly covered, so that means only eyes or mouth showing

1 point

yes but some women actually like wearing burqas and in the koran it says women should be midly covered, and women before them had to wear a burqa, so you have to follow along with the tradition

1 point

and a burqa is all religious and if it says they should be midly covered with a burqa, or hijab, or something, they should obey that what is says in the koran

1 point

In the koran it says women should be midly covered, in public they need to be covered, cause women before them did and because it says it the koran, they should obey or follow the koran/bible

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