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Many of the sports teams and schools name there mascots after something that means a lot to the team. They do not do it to make fun of the African Americans, it is to honor them. Roder Godell also added that 9 out of 10 African Americans like being named after them.

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You do not have any support from any website saying if they care if a sports teams care about them naming that after them. Your argument is all your opinion.

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I think that school mascots should not be changed. First reason why it should not be changed is because when a team names there school after Indians, is not because they are trying to make fun of then it is because they are honoring them. Roger Goodell also said that 9 out of 10 Indians want to keep the name the same. It would not also make sense for a school/team to name there team after something that does not mean a lot to them. Many sports teams might also say that the name Redskins is making fun of the Indians skin color, but sports/schools do not make fun of the Indians it is to honor them.

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