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If the Palestineans want the land so bad why are they loosing the wars. The Palestineans have no major holidays in Israel unlike the jews that have many holidays.

Supporting Evidence: Israelis (
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Israelis have many important holidays and religious sites in Israel. What holidays or sites do the Palestineans have in Israel? None, therefore the Israelis should have the land.

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The Isralis were almost there for 3,000 years. They invested alot of time and money into Israel. Therefore, they should have Israel to call home.

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They put alot of time and money into building the cities.

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The Israelis never had a real spot of land thats theirs. They were moved around by the Holocaust and some Palestineans. The Palestinains also took the land from the Israelis.

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The Isralis should have the land because God promised them the land. (Qur'an 5:20-21 and 17:104)

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