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Tyler, how would you feel if someone took away something that you wear everyday... especially if it supports your religon. It shouldnt matter because thats what they want to wear. Like I said in one of my other shouldnt matter what they wear because it doesnt change anything about their personality. I guess its almost like judging a book by its cover. Just because they may look different then what you see everyday on the outside definatley doesnt mean that they are weird or odd. Because you never know they could be just like you...anyways...Tyler, a lot of women like to wear the burqa a lot of them wear it to express their identitiy.

Supporting Evidence: Why I'm proud to wear the burqa (
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The main thing about this is that, by the women wearing the burqa it doesnt effect any of us. So there should not be a law against it. Many of the women that wear burqas are proud to wear them. It said on a website called:

A women said on the top of the page "I wear the burqa for the simple reason that I am a Muslim and the Koran says that I must wear the full veil in order to be modest." She also states that she doesnt have a husband.

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I agree with 17jsanders. Just because islamic women wear something that may not seem normal to you, doesnt mean that they are strange people or like 17jsanders said "terrorists".

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I agree with 17tblom because he's right, it is there choice. Every person deserves to wear what they want. And not be discriminated. The burqa islamic women can express their identity.

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I agree because women should be able to dress freely however they want. Nobody should be discriminated by what they wear. Islamic women wear burqas because it supports their religion. it said in the Koran that women should dress modesty. By wearing the burqa they are able to express their identity. It doesnt matter what you wear because it doesnt reflect on what type of personality the women has.

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